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Our Outdoor Team Building Events are a great means to get out of the daily routine at the office for one day or more. Sharing experiences, not only at work, will result in its success. We provide fun, action, and outstanding moments to be remembered.


Even though Team Building is known to be an outdoor activity, the need for Indoor Team Building Events during winter resulted in developing games for indoor halls and conference rooms.

Indoor team building activities also join fun with team skills and behaviors as any of the outdoor games


Adventure Time such as Snow Camps, Boot Camps, Lost in The Desert, Search and Rescue, Enigma Cipher Code…. Where participants experience the decryption of the German’s famous “Enigma” cipher code that was a source of military intelligence in WWII, or following a “beep” with the Avalanche tracking system to rescue survivors...

Corporate Events

Corporate Events are gatherings sponsored by a business firm for its employees, partners, or clients. These events can be tailored for conventions, conferences, meetings or just a company day out.

It can be employees rewarding and recognition, help productivity through team building exercises promoting togetherness and teamwork, launching new products, introducing and reinforcing new and existing company strategies...

Training and Coaching

Our objective in Training and Coaching is not just for anyone to know something about the thing; but to be able to do the thing, and do it well. Practice with an expert coach under realistic working conditions will turn potential talent into demonstrable competence.

Youth Educational Summer Camps

Team in Motion conducts educational summer camp for children or teenagers, where the traditional view of summer camps as sleeping in the woods, hiking, campfires, and playing has evolved to add more specialized activities promoting educational or cultural development.

By attending our YES camp, children and teenagers have the opportunity to enjoy moments of fun while also making new friends, gaining or revealing their own skills, and broadening their outlook on life, safety, health and environment.